The pandemic’s big mystery: How deadly is the coronavirus? – ET HealthWorld

More than six months into the pandemic, the coronavirus has infected more than 11 million people worldwide, killing more than 525,000. But despite the increasing toll, scientists still do not have a definitive answer to one of the most fundamental questions about the virus: How deadly is it? A firm estimate could help governments predict […]

South Africa’s hospitals bracing for surge of virus patients – ET HealthWorld

JOHANNESBURG : The nurse started crying when describing her work at a Johannesburg hospital: The ward for coronavirus patients is full, so new arrivals are sent to the general ward, where they wait days for test results. Already 20 of her colleagues have tested positive. “A lot, a lot, a lot of people are coming […]

India to use Israeli solution to safeguard public places in its fight against Covid-19: Report – ET HealthWorld

JERUSALEM: India is to use an innovative antiseptic disinfectant, which was originally developed for the Israeli Defence Forces to deal with biological warfare, to protect its public places in its fight against the highly contagious coronavirus, a media report said. The solution developed by the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR), an organisation that works […]

COVID-19 Compromised Access to 1.85 Million Abortions: Study – ET HealthWorld

A recent study conducted by Ipas Development Foundation (IDF) revealed that access to around 1.85 million abortions was compromised due to the restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Abortion access for these 1.85 million women was compromised at all points of care, including public and private sector facilities and chemist outlets. Mr. Vinoj […]