Managing facilities better in a social distancing world – ET HealthWorld

By Amrita Chowdhury, Director and Co-founder, Gaia As a result of covid-19, The Internet of Things (IoT) became a key building block being deployed to eradicate the virus, get us back to work safely and to kick start the global economy by helping us to improve the hospital productivity and patient experience through data-driven operations. […]

We need to build a ‘digital culture’ for pharma research : Sauri Gudlavalleti, Global Head, IPDO, Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd – ET HealthWorld

A 2017 McKinsey report describes Digital in healthcare R&D as a $100 bn opportunity. The top 7 Indian generic pharmaceutical companies spend over $1.5 bn a year in R&D and develop hundreds of products each year. In the current pandemic situation, there is a need to expand pharmaceutical research efforts while still maintaining lean lab […]