People testing negative for Covid-19 but showing symptoms should be treated: Experts – ET HealthWorld

NEW DELHI: Test results may come out negative even if one has contracted Covid-19, experts have warned, advising that those showing symptoms of the disease must be treated without waiting for a confirmatory test to prevent aggravation of the infection. There have been several cases where patients showing clinical symptoms of Covid-19 have tested negative […]

The pandemic’s big mystery: How deadly is the coronavirus? – ET HealthWorld

More than six months into the pandemic, the coronavirus has infected more than 11 million people worldwide, killing more than 525,000. But despite the increasing toll, scientists still do not have a definitive answer to one of the most fundamental questions about the virus: How deadly is it? A firm estimate could help governments predict […]

Covid-19: What are antibody therapies and who is developing them? – ET HealthWorld

NEW YORK: While some potential vaccines have emerged in the global race to find a way to stop the spread of Covid-19, many scientists and researchers believe antibody based therapies hold great promise for treating people already infected with the disease. How do antibody therapies work? These therapies use antibodies generated by infected humans or […]