Ashwagandha Is Essential For Your Health. Read This To Find Out Why

Image Courtesy: Neha.Vindhya [CC BY-SA 3.0  (], from Wikimedia Commons   Ashwagandha-The wonder Adaptogenic herb of  Ayurveda Ashwagandha, which is also known as Indian ginseng or Withania Somnifera, offers a host of benefits first realized by the 5,000-year-old Indian Ayurvedic school of medicines. It is considered as the most popular adaptogen of Ayurveda. The remarkable […]


  Tyrosine – Information, Benefits, Uses, Side Effects and Reviews: What is tyrosine? Tyrosine is a salt used for the treatment of Cognitive performance, to improve alertness. phynaelkitoneuria, to boost mental performance and other conditions. This medicinal salt can also be used for the purposes not listed in this medication guide. The detailed information regarding […]


Multipurpose use of aspirin Aspirin is a pain reliever medicine used in pain, in fever. Immediately after the heart attack, the risk of another heart attack can be avoided with aspirin. But according to recent research, aspirin can be used for many other functions.Aspirin i.e. acetylsalicylic acid This is a type of salicylate, painkiller medicine, […]